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HQ BBQ & HotPot Duluth - Influencers Collaboration

hqbbq hot pot duluth

Success Story (Introduction)

HQ Korean BBQ Hot Pot Duluth opened its doors for the first time on August 10th, 2023, in Duluth. While the restaurant was excited to introduce its unique culinary offerings to the local community, they realized that they needed to create more buzz and connect with their target audience on a personal level. 

Challenge On Hand

  • Opening a new restaurant is always a thrilling challenge, and HQ BBQ & Hot Pot Duluth was no exception. The task at hand was to create a buzz to promote the restaurant's inviting ambiance and great food.  

    Here are the challenges HQ BBQ & Hot Pot Duluth faced:
    Limited Visibility: Being a new entrant, they lacked visibility in a competitive restaurant landscape.
    Building Reputation: Establishing credibility and a positive reputation in the local community was a top priority.
    Attracting Diners: HQ BBQ & Hot Pot Duluth needed strategies to draw diners and create excitement around their offerings.

Proposal And Strategy

Recognizing the need to enhance the restaurant's visibility and attract more patrons post-opening, Best POS devised a strategic plan. Instead of leveraging local influencers before the restaurant's opening, the influencer collaboration was structured to drive excitement and foot traffic after the restaurant was already operational.

Our approach included identifying and inviting local influencers from diverse groups to participate in a two-week influencer collaboration. These influencers would visit HQ Korean BBQ Hot Pot Duluth, savor the cuisine, and subsequently share their experiences with their audiences through captivating videos and images on their social media platforms.

We wanted influencers to feel like an integral part of our marketing efforts. To make this happen, we offered them a VIP experience during the Media Night event. This not only helped us establish strong relationships in the short term but also set the stage for long-term partnerships.




  • Key Stats

    The influencer collaboration at HQ Korean BBQ Hot Pot Duluth yielded remarkable results:

    An impressive post reach of 300,000+ people.
    Over 50,000 total engagements on social media platforms.

    The influencers who participated in the event were captivated by the restaurant's high-quality food and the unique dining experience it offered. They enthusiastically shared their post-opening dining experiences with their followers, creating a significant buzz on social media. Their content consisted of over 100 images and videos, all highlighting the delicious food and promoting the restaurant.

    One of the standout achievements was the two Influencer videos that garnered a combined total views of nearly 300,000. These videos not only showcased the fun and vibrant atmosphere at HQ Korean BBQ Hot Pot Duluth but also emphasized the exceptional culinary delights on offer. These videos played a pivotal role in generating even more excitement around the restaurant's offerings.
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Credits: @arianaa.elisayde                                                     Credits: @allofdeasha


Overall, the influencer collaboration proved to be a resounding success for both HQ Korean BBQ Hot Pot Duluth and Best POS. By harnessing the power of social media and partnering with local influencers after the restaurant's opening, Best POS effectively created substantial anticipation for the restaurant and significantly boosted its visibility within the local community.

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of influencer marketing in promoting businesses and generating excitement even after an establishment has opened its doors. If you're looking to amplify the buzz around your restaurant or devise tailored campaigns to attract more walk-in customers, don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a customized marketing strategy. Best POS is here to help your brand shine.


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