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HQ BBQ & HotPot Duluth - Social Media Management

hqbbq hot pot duluth

Success Story (Introduction)

Best POS collaborated with HQ Korean BBQ & Hot Pot Duluth to implement an effective social media management strategy, ensuring a consistent online presence and engaging content to attract and retain customers. Best POS launched campaigns with a focus on maximizing post reach, increasing customer engagement, and driving foot traffic to the restaurant.

Challenge On Hand

As the holiday season approached, HQ Korean BBQ & Hot Pot Duluth (HQ Duluth), anticipated a potential decline in walk-in customers due to heightened competition. Aware of the myriad dining options available for holiday celebrations and gatherings, HQ Duluth sought to proactively avoid the risk of decreased foot traffic to their establishment. Recognizing the need to differentiate themselves from competitors and entice customers to choose their restaurant, HQ Duluth reached out to Best POS to strategize a solution that would help them maintain robust walk-in traffic during this competitive time.

Proposal And Strategy

Understanding the imminent challenge HQ Duluth faced in maintaining walk-in traffic during the competitive holiday season, Best POS  proposed a strategic promotional campaign focused on boosting customer engagement and incentivizing visits to the restaurant.

Recognizing the influential role of social media in shaping consumer behavior, Best POS recommended leveraging platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to promote HQ Duluth's unique holiday offerings. To address the need for increased visibility and customer engagement, Best Marketing proposed implementing a "share to save" promotion. This initiative encouraged customers to share designated holiday-themed posts from HQ Duluth's social media accounts with their own networks. In exchange for sharing the posts, customers would receive an exclusive discount on their next visit to the restaurant.

By proactively engaging customers through social media and offering incentives for sharing promotional content, HQ Duluth could effectively mitigate the risk of low walk-ins during the competitive holiday season.


The strategic partnership between Best POS and HQ Korean BBQ & Hot Pot Duluth yielded impressive outcomes, surpassing expectations. Through meticulous planning and execution, the campaign not only met its objectives but exceeded them, demonstrating the power of innovative marketing strategies in driving tangible business results.

The "share to save" promotion, a cornerstone of the campaign, proved to be a resounding success. Social media engagement skyrocketed, with HQ Duluth's posts garnering 525 likes, 86 comments, and a remarkable 838 shares. This surge in online interaction not only amplified brand visibility but also fostered meaningful engagement with the customer base, laying the groundwork for increased foot traffic.

hq duluth social

hq duluth social media


Furthermore, the impact extended beyond the digital realm, as the heightened online presence translated into tangible results for HQ Duluth's physical establishment. The campaign's success prompted an extension due to overwhelming customer demand, further reinforcing its effectiveness in driving foot traffic during the competitive holiday season.

In addition to the quantitative metrics, qualitative feedback from customers highlighted the campaign's effectiveness in capturing attention and generating interest in HQ Duluth's unique holiday offerings. The promotion successfully differentiated HQ Duluth from competitors, positioning it as the go-to destination for holiday celebrations and gatherings.

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