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Sushi Kingdom - Social Media Marketing

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Best POS's effective social media management and campaigns were instrumental in the successful launch of Sushi Kingdom in Greenville, SC.

Challenge On Hand

Sushi Kingdom was opening its new restaurant in Greenville, SC on July 14, 2022. They approached Best POS to help create awareness about their opening and attract customers. They wanted Best POS to generate awareness around Greenville about their opening and shared brand-new social media profiles to attract and engage with their target audience.


The Proposal/Strategy

Best POS created a social media strategy for Sushi Kingdom to grow its following and engage with its customers. They helped the restaurant create engaging social media content that resonated with its audience and encouraged customer interaction.


Best POS launched a social media campaign to promote Sushi Kingdom's opening. They created and shared visually appealing and informative content about the restaurant's food, ambiance, and service. The team also ran social media contests which encouraged people to engage with the restaurant on social media and spread the word to their followers.

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Best POS' marketing strategy was successful in creating a strong social media presence for Sushi Kingdom and generating a buzz in the Greenville community for their grand opening. The engagement from customers and the Greenville community on social media helped the restaurant create waiting lines in the opening month. In the first month alone, Sushi Kingdom received over 1500 comments on their Facebook posts, indicating that their customers had become fans and actively engaged with the restaurant.




The Highlights From The Opening Month On Social Media

1526 comments on Facebook posts
1334 Facebook post shares

Best POS's social media campaigns for Sushi Kingdom created an engaging platform where customers were eager to interact and advocate for the restaurant. Through the use of compelling visuals, engaging content, and strategic targeting, Best POS was able to create an online community that was genuinely interested in Sushi Kingdom's food and brand. As customers began to engage with the social media content, they started to share their positive experiences with others, either through word-of-mouth or social media, becoming brand advocates. This organic and authentic form of marketing helped to create a buzz around Sushi Kingdom, leading to a successful grand opening with waiting lines in the opening month..




Overall, the local influencer event was a huge success for Best POS and Sushi Kingdom. By leveraging the power of social media and partnering with local influencers, Best POS was able to create a significant buzz about the new restaurant and draw attention to the grand opening. The event was an excellent example of how effective influencer marketing can be in promoting businesses and generating excitement.

Are you looking to create buzz around your restaurant or plan campaigns to bring you more walk-in customers? Get in touch with us for a customized marketing strategy.


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