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The Juicy Crab Corporate - Viral Campaigns

the juicy crab corporate

Best POS spearheaded a triumphant viral campaign for The Juicy Crab Corporate, marking a milestone in their digital footprint. With a keen focus on leveraging social media, Best POS crafted compelling viral campaigns that propelled The Juicy Crab into the limelight, fostering widespread recognition and engagement among their target audience.

Challenge On Hand

In preparation for the holiday season, The Juicy Crab aimed to enhance foot traffic and generate buzz through compelling offers to increase walk-ins. Seeking to entice more customers, the goal was to create an enticing atmosphere and boost visitation through captivating promotions and appealing deals.

The Proposal/Strategy

Best POS suggested offering discounted combo promo to entice potential customers and drive foot traffic during the holiday season. This strategy aimed to attract more patrons by presenting appealing and value-packed combos, encouraging increased visits and engagement. The discounted combos were designed to create excitement and entice walk-ins, fostering a positive and festive dining experience at The Juicy Crab.


The campaign went viral, sparking over 2000 comments, and a staggering 3700 shares on Facebook alone. This overwhelming response showcased an exceptional level of engagement, indicating a significant buzz and interest generated around The Juicy Crab's offerings and promotions.

the juicy crab campaign


In summary, the strategic approach by Best POS to leverage discounted combos and engaging offers for The Juicy Crab was a game-changer. The viral success witnessed through the campaign's enormous online traction—300+ reactions, 2000+ comments, and a whopping 3700+ shares on Facebook—highlighted an immense surge in customer engagement and interest. This campaign not only drove an influx of walk-ins during the holiday season but also solidified The Juicy Crab's reputation as a go-to dining spot for delectable seafood and exciting promotions.

the juicy crab restaurant

Photo Credits: (above) Wiregreass Noms (Facebook) & (below)@j_m_bolin_ (Instagram)

the juicy crab restaurant customers


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