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The Juicy Crab Corporate - Viral Marketing & Social Media Growth

the juicy crab corporate

In the ever-evolving realm of digital engagement, The Juicy Crab brand page faced a familiar challenge: a Facebook page with followers but lacking in meaningful interactions. With an impending Mother's Day Special, the need for revitalization was clear. Best POS stepped in with a strategic plan, leveraging a viral marketing campaign to ignite excitement and anticipation. The results were exceptional, with a surge in engagement, new followers, and tangible impacts on foot traffic. This success story epitomizes the power of collaboration and strategic innovation in driving real-world results in today's digital landscape.

Challenge On Hand

The objective was to revitalize The Juicy Crab’s Facebook brand page, which had over 2,800 followers but lacked engagement. Additionally, the goal was to enhance reach, interactions, and comments, particularly in preparation for an upcoming Mother's Day Special promotion.

The Proposal/Strategy

We stepped in to optimize The Juicy Crab Brand's Facebook page and implement a viral marketing strategy. By leveraging a Giveaway Monitoring System, a captivating exclusive Giveaway Campaign was launched. 

The strategy focused on incentivizing the limited number of active followers to comment, refer the page to others, and participate in the Giveaway Campaign. The primary objective was to engage and expand the community, thereby laying the groundwork for the successful launch of the Mother's Day Special promotion.


The results were remarkable. Our Giveaway attracted an incredible response, with 4,300+ entries showcasing the enthusiasm and participation of our audience. Look at the impressive numbers!

TJC Giveaway Stats

4,300 entries/emails captured. To ensure transparency within our online community, we promptly announced the winners right after the conclusion of the giveaway. 

Giveaway Winners TJC -1

Over 2,500 new followers were gained, representing substantial growth in the online community. The engagement rate skyrocketed, demonstrating the efficacy of the viral marketing strategy.

The launch of the Mother's Day Special promotion exceeded all expectations. The Facebook post went viral, garnering an impressive 2,300+ unique comments and 7,600+ shares from both personal profiles and pages. 

2,300+ comments
7,600+ shares

mothers day campaign

The campaign successfully captured the attention and interest of the target audience, resulting in widespread visibility and brand exposure.

The success of the online community translated into tangible results for The Juicy Crab Corporate's physical store as well. Foot traffic saw a significant surge, indicating that the revitalized engagement on social media had a direct impact on business growth.

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