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The Juicy Crab Dothan - Grand Opening & Social Media Marketing

the juicy crab dothan

Success Story

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A case study on how Best POS helped The Juicy Crab launch successfully in Dothan.


In October 2022, The Juicy Crab Dothan was set to open its doors to the public for the first time. In order to make their grand opening a success, they reached out to Best POS for marketing support and consultation. Best POS was tasked with boosting engagement on the restaurant’s social media platforms and creating hype for their opening.



Our team worked closely with The Juicy Crab Dothan to create offers that would entice more walk-ins and encourage customers to spread the word and create a buzz on social media. Best POS used a variety of marketing channels to promote The Juicy Crab's grand opening, including social media marketing, email campaigns, local advertising, and influencer partnerships.




Thanks to our social media and advertising efforts, we were able to achieve significant results for The Juicy Crab. On Facebook alone, we helped the restaurant gain over 6,800 followers and 3,041 post shares. Our Google Ads campaign was also highly successful, reaching over 1 million people.

Stats From The Opening Month:
6,800 Facebook Page followers
3,041 Facebook Post shares

These results translated into real business impact for The Juicy Crab. The increased social media presence and engagement helped to create buzz around the restaurant, leading to a surge in walk-ins and creating waiting lines during peak hours. In fact, in its opening month, the restaurant exceeded its expected Sales By 124%.






The Juicy Crab Topped The Charts For The Highest Sales Among 50
The Juicy Crab Stores




Overall, our work with The Juicy Crab is a great example of how social media and advertising efforts can have a tangible impact on a business. By focusing on engagement and reach, we were able to help The Juicy Crab successfully launch their new location and achieve significant business results in a short period of time.



Credits: Tara McCord Singley (FB)







We're proud to have been a part of The Juicy Crab Dothan’s success story. Are you interested in growing your restaurant business? Let’s talk.





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