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The Juicy Crab Dothan - Social Media Calendar

the juicy crab dothan

Success Story (Introduction)

Best POS has played a pivotal role in propelling The Juicy Crab Dothan to new heights through a carefully curated social media calendar. Implementing a strategic and engaging approach, Best POS has showcased the restaurant's irresistible offerings, events, and vibrant atmosphere, to elevate the restaurant's social media presence. This collaborative effort has not only sustained but enhanced The Juicy Crab Dothan's success, ensuring that every post contributes to a dynamic and thriving social media presence, setting the stage for continued excellence.

Challenge On Hand

The Juicy Crab Dothan aimed to reduce their dependence on significant discounts. They had just completed their Anniversary where they employed 20% and 50% discounts during that time. The goal was to secure repeat business from existing patrons while concurrently addressing the challenge of boosting community awareness to attract new customers.


Our strategy for The Juicy Crab Dothan involved creating an engaging social media calendar to reach and grow the existing follower base. By crafting visually appealing content, including diverse posts and strategic scheduling, we aimed to enhance online presence and attract new customers. The focus was on simplicity, authenticity, and consistent engagement to elevate the restaurant's digital brand. In addition, we utilized limited time combos that required the customers to engage with The Juicy Crab Dothan’s social media to get the special combos.


A properly planned social media calendar resulted in the establishment of a robust online community for The Juicy Crab Dothan. Existing customers transformed into advocates, actively engaging with the brand within the context of scheduled calendar activities. The strategy not only increased brand recall but also leveraged the social media influence of customers, extending the restaurant's reach to potential new patrons.

Social Metrics:
Shares: 1,400+
Likes: 6,700+
Comments: 2,400+


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Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 01.18.02


In summary, The Juicy Crab Dothan effectively utilized social media channels to engage with and reach the local community, resulting in increased foot traffic to the store. Through engaging posts and targeted outreach efforts, the business successfully connected with existing customers and expanded its reach to a wider audience. This case study underscores the importance of leveraging social media platforms to foster community engagement and drive tangible business outcomes.


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