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The Juicy Crab Greensboro - Social Media Campaigns

the juicy crab greensboro

Success Story (Introduction)

The Juicy Crab Greensboro, a cherished seafood destination nestled in Greensboro, North Carolina,  aspired to elevate its dining experience and draw in more patrons. In pursuit of this goal, they partnered with Best POS, seeking expertise in generating buzz within the local community and cultivating engagement through social media platforms.

Challenge On Hand

The Juicy Crab Greensboro aimed to elevate their walk-in traffic with a vibrant and engaging atmosphere. Their goal was to launch a campaign that not only drove revenue growth but also sparked excitement, establishing their restaurant as a must-visit hotspot for seafood enthusiasts.


Best POS recognized the potential of an "All You Can Eat" campaign to capture the attention of seafood enthusiasts and engage the local community. Together with The Juicy Crab Greensboro, a strategic plan was devised to implement this campaign effectively.

Strategy and Implementation:

Campaign Concept: Best POS and The Juicy Crab Greensboro came together to craft an inviting "All You Can Eat" seafood promotion, inviting diners to savor their favorite dishes without any limitations.

Social Media Amplification: Leveraging Best POS's expertise in social media management, the campaign was extensively promoted on various social media platforms, including Facebook, and Instagram. Engaging posts, sponsored ads, and enticing visuals were shared to create a buzz.

Community Engagement: The local community was actively engaged through interactive posts, contests, and user-generated content (UGC) campaigns. Customers were encouraged to share their dining experiences using campaign-specific hashtags.

tjc greensboro


The "All You Can Eat" campaign, coupled with Best POS' digital marketing expertise, achieved remarkable results for The Juicy Crab Greensboro:

Significant Foot Traffic Increase: The campaign generated an influx of diners, resulting in a substantial increase in foot traffic compared to previous months.

Social Media Engagement: The restaurant's social media accounts experienced a surge in engagement, including likes, comments, shares, and user-generated content.

Enhanced Brand Visibility: The Juicy Crab Greensboro's brand visibility and recognition in the local community significantly improved.


By partnering with Best POS and executing an innovative "All You Can Eat" campaign, The Juicy Crab Greensboro achieved its goal of enhancing walk-in customer traffic in a friendly and welcoming manner. This success highlights the power of strategic digital marketing in not only boosting revenue but also promoting an exciting offering through social media platforms to potential customers.

As a result of this fruitful collaboration, The Juicy Crab Greensboro continues to explore further marketing initiatives to maintain its momentum and provide exceptional dining experiences to its patrons.

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