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The Juicy Crab Jacksonville - Influencer Marketing

the juicy crab jacksonville

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Best POS Scores Big with Local Influencer Event for The Juicy Crab Jacksonville Grand Opening.


Opening a new restaurant can be a challenging endeavor, many factors must be taken into consideration to ensure success. The Juicy Crab Jacksonville was opening on Nov. 29, 2021, and needed to create a buzz about its grand opening. They also launched their brand new social media pages and wanted to utilize social media to let people know about their offers.


Best POS Solution

Having influencers market the restaurant can be a great way to get eyes on what you are offering. We decided to launch a local influencer event, The event was designed to showcase the delicious food and create awareness about the new restaurant, and it did not disappoint. to come and try the food before it is open to the public.

Our vision was simple, if the influencers felt essential to the process, this would also reflect on their marketing. So we also proposed to provide a VIP experience to influencers at the Media Night to establish short-term and long-term relationships. The client liked the idea and we got to work and started sourcing influencers, who were eager to sample the food and share their experiences on social media.

Blogs Images from instagram

Credits: @zariaxhailey - IG (left) and @mommmixup - IG (right)





The Juicy Crab Jacksonville
  • 55+ influencers attended the event
  • 100+ pieces of content were posted by influencers in the form of images and videos across social media.
  • We received Over 70,000 video views on Youtube through different content.





The event resulted in a great buzz on social media, with over 100 images and videos posted by the influencers, highlighting the delicious food and announcing the opening. The buzz generated by the influencers’ social media videos and images played a significant role in drawing attention to the grand opening, resulting in a good turnout on November 29th.

One of the highlights of the event was the two videos that were posted on YouTube, which received a combined total of 70,000 views. The videos showcased the fun atmosphere and amazing food at the Juicy Crab, and they helped to generate even more excitement for the opening.



Jacksonville YT-2

Overall, the local influencer event was a huge success for Best POS and The Juicy Crab. By leveraging the power of social media and partnering with local influencers, Best POS was able to create a significant buzz about the new restaurant and draw attention to the grand opening.

The event was an excellent example of how effective influencer marketing can be in promoting businesses and generating excitement.

Are you looking to create buzz around your restaurant or plan campaigns to bring you more walk-in customers? Get in touch with us for a customized marketing strategy.




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