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The Juicy Crab, a seafood chain restaurant, had launched its own seasoning, Juicy Sauce, but despite creating a website, launching a social media presence, and investing in marketing efforts, the company was struggling to generate the sales it needed. Frustrated by this, the owner reached out to the Best POS marketing team for help. The goal was not only to increase sales but also to generate quality content that could be used on the website and social media platforms.

BestPOS Solutions

Our expert marketing team analyzed the current marketing strategies and identified influencer marketing as a potential solution. By engaging with relevant influencers, The Juicy Crab could tap into a wider audience and generate content that aligned with the company's brand and vision.

After conducting extensive research, the team sourced and pitched to several top-ranked chefs and influencers across the United States, eventually closing a deal with a recipe maker from Virginia, Norfolk. Before the collaboration, our team analyzed the influencer's audience demographic to ensure that it aligned with the target audience for Juicy Sauce.

We found that the influencer's audience demographic perfectly matched Juicy Sauce's target audience, making them an ideal partner for the campaign. The team secured a six-month deal with the influencer, allowing for consistent engagement with the audience and quality content creation.


The results of the influencer marketing campaign were impressive and exceeded The Juicy Crab's expectations. Here are the specific results achieved

Juicy Sauce Achieves 120% Month-over-Month Sales Increase
The Juicy Sauce partnership video went viral and crossed 1.2 million views


How To Make A Seafood Boil Bag At Home With Juicy Sauce 


Engaged With An Audience Of Over 3 Million People Which Helped To Increase Brand Awareness & Generate More Interest In The Product


Generated Over 10 Videos And 50 Images

The influencer marketing campaign produced high-quality content for the Juicy Sauce website and social media.

Created Six Unique Recipe Guidelines For The Website & Other Marketing Platforms

The influencer marketing campaign increased Juicy Sauce's visibility on Google searches.

Overall, the influencer marketing campaign was a tremendous success for Juicy Sauce. The campaign not only helped the company generate the sales they needed but also created a significant amount of high-quality content for their website and social media. Our expert marketing team was thrilled to see Juicy Sauce's success, and we look forward to the continued growth of this exciting brand.


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