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The Juicy Crab Memphis: Viral Campaigns

the juicy crab memphis

Success Story (Introduction)

As the holiday season approached, The Juicy Crab Memphis recognized the importance of boosting walk-in traffic and sought assistance from BestPOS for strategic direction. BestPOS stepped in to devise a tailored plan aimed at elevating walk-ins, effectively addressing the concern of potential sales loss. With targeted initiatives and customized strategies in place, walk-in numbers surged, driving a significant turnout, largely attributed to enticing offers promoted through social media campaigns. 

Challenge On Hand

The challenge at hand for The Juicy Crab Memphis was the need to increase walk-in traffic, particularly with the approaching holiday season. This was crucial to avoid potential sales loss during a period when consumer spending habits might fluctuate, and competition for dining out could intensify due to various holiday-related factors. The restaurant aimed to devise effective strategies to attract more customers through its doors and maintain a steady flow of business despite potential seasonal fluctuations.


To address the need for more walk-ins at The Juicy Crab Memphis, BestPOS proposes an innovative strategy. Our recommendation includes introducing enticing specials and combos designed to attract a broader audience and drive foot traffic. By offering unique and appealing options, we aimed to create a compelling reason for patrons to choose The Juicy Crab Memphis for their dining experience, ultimately resulting in a significant increase in walk-ins. This strategic approach aligns with BestPOS's commitment to delivering tailored solutions for enhancing business success


The impact of the different combos and special offerings at The Juicy Crab Memphis has been nothing short of remarkable. This successful campaign reached thousands of locals, effectively driving more walk-ins to the restaurant. Such was the popularity of the promotion that the management decided to extend the offer, keeping the momentum alive. This user-centric approach, in collaboration with BestPOS, not only met but exceeded expectations, creating a thriving and enduring success story for The Juicy Crab Memphis. The restaurant has continued to run different combo specials even entering the second month of the new year.

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In summary, the campaign implemented by BestPOS proved highly successful for The Juicy Crab Memphis, significantly increasing walk-ins. The ongoing popularity of the different combos and specials has led to continuous extensions, driven by local demand and enthusiastic customer feedback. This sustained success not only showcases the effectiveness of the initial strategy but also emphasizes the enduring appeal of The Juicy Crab Memphis in meeting the cravings of its community.

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